Indulge your senses with a trickle of Tuscany

We believe the presentation of a product is as important as the product it self. That is why we dedicated our packaging design the same utmost care we gave to the production of our exceptional extra virgin olive oils.

Candido and Severo come in our sophisticated see-through bottles with white and black logos.

We chose black and white as these two colors reflect the souls of our outstanding extra virgin olive oils; Candido,white, smooth and refined and Severo ,black, punchy and bold.

Both Candido and Severo come from the north of Tuscany. Our trees grow on two splendid hills in the Lucca area, a region favored by temperate weather and sunshine. The olives are picked from the trees and then pressed in the local mill within hours. All procedures are closely monitored from the harvest till the final packaging to make sure our products meet our and your standards.